Detergent with a rich consistency and note of subtle fragrance, containing a surface active agent that cleanses the skin delicately, giving it a smooth and silky appearance. 
Avena sativa amino acids:  tan anionic surface active agent, it has a selective bio-cleansing action, reducing the possibility of irritation
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein: it has a dermoprotective function for the skin
Triton and Plantacare:  non-ionic surface active agents deriving from glucose, which add softness to the cleansing action
Silk protein: it forms a protective film that maintains the correct moisture level of skin
Calendula extract:  for a soft, soothing effect
Green tea extract: it has an antioxidant and antiradicalica function
Thanks to a combination of a non-aggressive skin cleansing system and the presence of emollients and soothing ingredients, the comfort and pleasure that you experience at the end of your bath or shower make this unique product irreplaceable.