A fluid emulsion made up of mainly vegetable sustances, its lightweight texture ensures quick absorption and it has an emollient and moisturizing effect. With a note of subtle, pleasing fragrance, it leaves the skin fresh and velvety.
Borage oil: the presence of Gamma Linolenic Acid in Borage oil gives it a restructuring effect
Karite´ oil: its emollient and skin-toning properties improve the tonus of the skin 
Olive insaponifiable matter: by stimulating the fibroplasts, it has a skin-toning effect
Vitamin F: maintains the integrity of the epidermic protective barrier
Silk protein: it forms a protective film that maintains the correct moisture level of skin 
Red algae: its has a moisturizing, softening, film-forming and protective effect
Sweet almond milk: it has an emollient, moisturizing and protective effect, especially for sensitive and dry skin
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein: it has a dermoprotective action on the skin
Green tea extract: it has an antioxidant and antiradicalica function
The combined usage of SILK BODY LOTION after your bath or shower with SILK BATH FOAM contributes to making your skin perfectly moisturized and luminous. Being completely moisturized, your skin will acquire a much more elastic and revitalised feel